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Collecting tub 5000x5000 mm Illustrations may include several products.

Collecting tub 5000x5000 mm

Art. No. 056952

ALCRYN liquid collecting tub.
Self-rolling, one-man operation.
Suitable for use in case of leaks in tank
trucks and containers or as deconta-
mination tub etc.
With a surrounding air body of
220 mm Ø, 3/8” compressed air
connection, excess pressure valve
and 3/4” venting connection.
Incl. packing bag.
Material: TREVIRA® high tensile
fabric, ALCRYN-coated on both sides,
with a tensile strength of 3000 N/5 cm,
high-frequency welded.
Weight of material: 1300 g/m².
Volume: 5000 l.
Weight: 60 kg

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