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Feuerwehrpumpen und Tragkraftspritzen

Feuerwehrpumpen und Tragkraftspritzen Feuerwehrpumpen und Tragkraftspritzen
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Ziegler centrifugal fire pumps are high-performance, low-wear centrifugal pumps in single-stage or two-stage configurations. They are robust, insensitive to waste water, extremely reliable, and are therefore exceedingly “maintenance-friendly”. Worldwide more than 20,000 fire fighting vehicles in all sizes and type classifications have been supplied with Ziegler centrifugal fire pumps.

Ziegler manufactures portable fire pumps in different capacities with flow rates ranging from 500 l/min to 2,000 l/min. Along with their robustness and reliability, all of our portable fire pumps feature a design which has been proven in practical operation. Meanwhile more than 70,000 Ziegler portable fire pumps are also in operation worldwide.